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Game Of Thrones Season 7, Episode 5 Review: Eastwatch

 *This post contains spoilers for Game of Thrones Season 7*

For the first six seasons of Game of Thrones fans have been going up the track of a rollercoaster. The show was captivating, but events happened at a slower pace than we have experienced during the current season. Now we have made it over the hump and are on the downslope of the rollercoaster, and speeding toward the end. Last week’s action packed episode seriously had me on the edge of my couch. I was legitimately concerned for Bronn and Drogon, especially once Bronn loaded a second arrow, I wouldn’t think they would give him another shot just to miss again. I honestly thought Bronn and Drogon were going to take each other out. As we all know that didn’t happen, but the episode ended with Jaime Lannister sinking to the bottom of a river, having been saved in the nick of time by Bronn during his attempt to end the war by killing Daenerys.

While “The Spoils of War” was action packed, last night’s episode, “Eastwatch,” didn’t have any action, but it was a fantastic episode nonetheless. This week was another look at the chess board, the pieces having been set up for six seasons, are now being strategically placed around the board. With so much going on, be prepared that I won’t be able to cover everything, but feel free to bring up anything you loved about the episode, or anything I didn’t get to cover in the comments.

The episode moved quickly and keeps with the pace of its Season 7 predecessors. We pick up nearly right where we left off in “The Spoils of War.” It didn’t take long to learn the fate of Ser Jaime, he is alive and so is Bronn, and both are free men. I thought for sure they would both be taken prison by Daenerys. I figured Tyrion would plead to Daenerys for Jaime’s life and would also vouch for Bronn, explaining that he would not be alive to advise her without Ser Bronn’s help. Then the Knight of the Blackwater would switch sides and join team Daenerys. However, I was wrong about that.

Since the start of Season 7, Daenerys has been growing more and more impatient, these feelings finally manifested in the last episode when she showed the Lannisters what true power her dragons and Dothraki army carry. I am not saying she is on her way to becoming The Mad Queen, but there are glimpses of her father in some of her actions. What I am of course referring to is the way she dealt with the only two soldiers from the Lannister forces who refused to bend the knee, Randyll and Dickon Tarley. By burning them alive she showed that she is capable of cruelty. These were not the masters of Slaver’s Bay, but soldiers in an opposing army. I, like Tyrion, feel this was a bit excessive and goes against the message she is trying to convey. A change in Daenerys that I noticed in this episode was the way she looks at Jon Snow, I am pretty sure she is falling in love with the King in the North, too bad he is her nephew, or that they aren’t Lannisters (though Targaryens of the past have been incestuous, so I wouldn’t say it is off the table).

After being brought up from the bottom of the river by Bronn, the next time we see Jaime Lannister, he is already back in King’s Landing. I really liked how blunt Jaime was with Cersei, and how Jaime described the fighting style of the Dothraki, “Killing our men wasn’t war for them, it was sport.” Jaime told Cersei. Cersei has survived thus far by using her cunning and ruthlessness, but the Queen won’t fully realize the magnitude of what she is up against until she sees it with her own eyes.

Let us move on to Jon meeting Drogon up close and personal, I loved this scene. Who’s a good dragon? According to Jon Snow, Drogon is. It will be interesting to see what, if anything comes from this meeting over the last two episodes. I hope at some point Jon questions himself for petting a dragon, what made him think it would be safe to do so? Targaryen instinct? Daenerys seemed to be just as intrigued by what was happening as Jon.

I have to talk for a minute about the reunion between the Lannister brothers. This was completely unexpected, even with the pace of this season. I wasn’t sure if we would ever see these two in a scene together again. There was definite tension, mostly coming from Jaime. Tyrion wouldn’t have went had he thought there was a chance Jaime would kill him. I think deep down, Jaime knows Tyrion is right about Cersei, that most people are right about Cersei.

It is pretty clear from the scene with Sam and Gilly that Rhaegar Targaryen married Lyanna Stark in a secret ceremony in Dorne. This could potentially be huge information, if this is true, then Jon Snow, soon to be known as Jaeharys Targaryen, is the product of a legitimate marriage.  It is my understanding that this information means that Jon’s birthright would outweigh Daenerys’. My question is how will this knowledge come up again, there is definitely valuable information there, but no one knows its worth.

I can’t finish the review of this episode without at least briefly talking about the awesome meeting of the Westerosi Suicide Squad at the end of the episode. I doubt one could assemble a better team to go wight hunting. This crew are some of the toughest and most ruthless men in Westeros.

Grade: A

What are your thoughts? Will Tyrion and Varys be able to bring Daenerys to her sense? Will Jaime turn on Cersei? Will Bronn continue to be the funniest character on the show?

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