Getaway Interview: Jaclyn Betham On Crafting A Good Twist In A Horror Movie

Recently I spoke to actress and screenwriter Jaclyn Betham about her starring role in GetawayGetaway hits streaming services on April 14.

Here’s the synopsis:

Tamara Miller has planned a weekend lake getaway with her two best friends. When she gets kidnapped by a backwoods cult, eerie and unexplained occurrences arise.

Getaway offers a fresh take on the damsel in the distress motif. In addition to starring, Betham also gets a screenwriting credit here. She brings an energy to the role of Tamara, to which she portrays with a captivating zest.

Check out our full interview down below, which was conducted a few weeks back!

LRM: On behalf of LRMonline, I’d like to thank you for taking time out for this interview today, and I know you guys get pretty busy.

Jaclyn: No worries at all, of course.

LRM: Awesome. Are you in the Los Angeles area?

Jaclyn: I am, I’m in LA right now. It’s insane. Are you in LA?

LRM: No. I’m in Virginia right now.

Jaclyn: Okay. Everything’s getting canceled, corona. It’s raining like crazy. I feel like just the streets are empty. It’s nuts. No one’s leaving their homes.

LRM: Wow. I don’t blame them. It’s a bit of a panic. I’m seeing quite a bit of it down here.

Jaclyn: Really?

LRM: Yeah, we had our first case, it was in Virginia Beach earlier this week.

Jaclyn: Wow.

LRM: Yeah. Things are already been canceled and I’m sure-

Jaclyn: Yeah. They’re saying not to be in groups larger than 25.

LRM: Wow. That cuts out a couple of activities for a lot of folks.

Jaclyn: Yeah, I know.

LRM: That sucks.

Jaclyn: Crazy.

LRM: Yeah. Stay safe out there with that coronavirus, named after beer. I don’t know why.

Jaclyn: Yeah.

LRM: Is it all right if I go ahead and dive into these questions here?

Jaclyn: Yeah, of course.

LRM: Awesome. Tell me about your role, the role that you play. It’s an interesting role, but can you tell me about the role you play in Getaway?

Jaclyn: Yeah. In Getaway, I play Tamara Miller. She is a girl who goes on a field trip with some of her best friends to a rural area and eventually go out one night, Tamara gets taken by these three cultish men and all hell breaks loose. And there’s some crazy twists and turns.

LRM: It’s a really interesting film. Is that the rain?

Jaclyn: You hear the rain?

LRM: Yeah. Wow, it is pouring down out there.

Jaclyn: I know. It’s literally like a monsoon. It’s insane.

LRM: No worries, be safe.

Jaclyn: I’m good.

LRM: That film, it does have a good amount of twist. It’s really well done I think.

Jaclyn: Thank you so much.

LRM: Yeah, you’re welcome. It seems like you all were very passionate about it, and I’ve seen some that cat and mouse game movies, but that was interesting though.

Jaclyn: I love that.

LRM: Awesome. When is Getaway being released?

Jaclyn: April 14th.

LRM: Awesome.

Jaclyn: Soon, like in a month.

LRM: Yeah, it’s right around the corner.

Jaclyn: Yeah.

LRM: Are you all having a theatrical release or are you going to go with a streaming outlet?

Jaclyn: It’s going to be released on iTunes, Xbox, Google Play, I think Amazon. It was a whole list of what it’s going to be released on April 14th.

LRM: Okay, great. I’ll pull up the email and look through the press release and get that info and include it in the final interview.

Jaclyn: That would be incredible.

LRM: No worries. What drew you to the role in this project here?

Jaclyn: I actually wrote it.

LRM: Wow, really? Jeez.

Jaclyn: Yeah, I wrote, produced the movie. I was living in North Carolina, and I really wanted to write a character that was super-empowered, and I had been playing a lot of victims, and I was getting to the age where there wasn’t a lot of roles that I could play at that age. I wasn’t quite a mom yet, and then, I wasn’t quite college-age anymore. I was just over it, and I wanted to make some content that empowered women and that was fun and different, so I wrote the script with my partner, and it was great, and we shot it in North Carolina.

LRM: Really?

Jaclyn: Yeah, not too far from you.

LRM: Yeah, not too far at all, actually. What parts of North Carolina did you film in?

Jaclyn: We filmed in Asheboro.

LRM: Okay, I’ve been through there.

Jaclyn: It’s a tiny little town.

LRM: Nice.

Jaclyn: Yeah. The town was really great and supportive and we flew out our whole cast and crew. We actually found one local who played Kib in the movie who was just a natural wonderful actor, and we got super blessed finding him.

LRM: Awesome.

Jaclyn: Yeah. Then everyone else was a Los Angeles local that we flew out.

LRM: How long did the total production take?

Jaclyn: Oh my gosh, we did it in 12 days. It was so stressful.

LRM: What, are you serious, in 12 days?

Jaclyn: Yeah.

LRM: What were those like, days and full nights or something?

Jaclyn: Because most of the actors were SAG, we only were allowed to shoot eight hour days. And then after, any non-union actors, you’re allowed to shoot to 12. We shot in November so it was like 25 degrees during our nights.

LRM: What? Are you serious?

Jaclyn: So cold.

LRM: There’s a lot of night scenes in this film.

Jaclyn: I know. We had such a great cast and crew and everyone were like warriors. They were just so wonderful and fought through it.

LRM: Awesome.

Jaclyn: Yeah. It was stressful because those days go fast.

LRM: Yeah, 12 days.

Jaclyn: But we did it.

LRM: Yeah, congratulations.

Jaclyn: Thank you.

LRM: You’re Welcome. This is your first project that you have written and produced?

Jaclyn:  Yes. That’s been developed. Yeah. That’s been made.

LRM: Wow.

Jaclyn: Yeah, it was just a lot of first learning experiences, and it gave me so much appreciation as an actor for producers and writers and everything, everyone behind the camera. I had no idea how much work it was.

LRM: Wow. Yeah, it sounds like you had to wear many hats on this project here.

Jaclyn: Oh my God, it was constant.

LRM: My goodness, how do you keep that straight?

Jaclyn: Yeah. It was crazy because usually you just have to worry about your acting. I was like, oh my gosh, what are we shooting, what are my lines? Because I was doing so many things and trying to make sure everyone was taken care, but we did it.

LRM: Yeah. Congrats again. This came out very well.

Jaclyn: Thank you.

LRM: Who was the director of the project?

Jaclyn: He was one of the main actors, Lane Toran.

LRM: Really, okay. What? That’s awesome.

Jaclyn: It was his first time directing, as well, so we just had… Getaway was the movie of the firsts.

LRM: Sure.

Jaclyn: And then our DP, it was her first time being the head DP.

LRM: Wow, a lot of firsts.

Jaclyn: Yeah. It was just like a labor of love. We all just wanted to do it, and came together as a community, and it was awesome.

LRM: That is so cool. Let me ask you, what’s next up for you? Are there any other projects that you would like the readers at LRM to pay attention to?

Jaclyn: Yeah. I actually shot an Apple movie called Stars Fell on Alabama. I play in a romcom. They’re in post-production now so I’m assuming it’ll probably be coming out in a few months, but if you like romcoms.

LRM: That’s funny.

Jaclyn: It’s a cute one.

LRM: I like a lot of films, and it’s funny you mention it because I was just thinking the other day, it’s the old one, but I need to go and watch Meet the Parents again, and then get Meet the Fockers because that Ben Stiller era was pretty fun.

Jaclyn: So good.

LRM: Yeah. I miss those. Whenever you get further information on the romcom project, be sure to let us know.

Jaclyn:  Yeah, of course.

LRM: Awesome. Let me see here. Actually, I think that is all the questions I have for you this evening.

Jaclyn: Great.

LRM: Yeah, awesome.

Jaclyn: It was so good talking to you.

LRM: Likewise. Be safe out there.

Jaclyn: Thank you, you too.

LRM: Have a good evening.

Jaclyn: Sanitize.

LRM: See ya. I know, right?

Jaclyn: Bye.

LRM: Bye.

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