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Godzilla: King of the Monsters looks to be one heck of a thrill ride for me. While I really liked Kong: Skull Island, I wasn’t a huge fan of Gareth Edwards’ initial film, Godzilla, which set up the MonsterVerse in which we currently reside. But as I sat in Hall H at last year’s San Diego Comic-Con, and the music from that first trailer boomed in my chest, I couldn’t shake the feeling that I was seeing something I didn’t realize I wanted to see on the big screen. A legit kaiju throwdown with other monsters that doesn’t look like a bunch of men in rubber suits.

But I’ve been down this road before. That first Godzilla movie (the recent 2014 reboot) looked like it could capture the true horror of the mega monster, but when all said and done, it was too damn slow for me. But is that a problem I will have with this film? Well, if the film’s director Michael Dougherty’s comments are anything to go off of, I may have nothing to worry about. Here’s what he said to Coming Soon during their set visit.

“I hesitate to say it, but I would call (my movie) the Aliens to Gareth’s Alien.”

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Okay, so what does he mean by that exactly? In case you’re worried he’s saying it’s of James Cameron caliber, you can hold your horses.

“If you compare Alien, which is a very straight science fiction film with not a lot of yucks, compared to Aliens which sort of had a bit more fun, tongue-in-cheek moments, we’re somewhere in the middle there.”

“So it’s a bit more of an ensemble film. Whereas the first movie was really about Ford Brody’s character kind of weaving his way through that adventure and Monarch kind of was the backdrop for that. Here Monarch is the focus, because I find that concept really fascinating. The idea that there is a secret agency that tracks giant monsters – that is a dream come true for me too… I felt there was an opportunity to sort of craft Monarch as a group of heroes…and the idea of a team of heroes who are scientists really appealed to me.”

So, should we be worried? I’ll admit the humans were the most boring part of the original movie…so do we really want more of them? Well, I guess it all depends on how it’s executed, right? All I can say is I like what I see so far. I can only hope it’s indicative of the overall quality of the movie.

But what do you think of this quality? Let us know down below!

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SOURCE: ComingSoon.net

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