Halloween Kills Review – Brutal Kills, Nostalgia, And An Angry Mob

Michael Myers (aka The Shape) in Halloween Kills, directed by David Gordon Green.

Halloween is almost once again upon us! This is such a beloved time for many of us. Except for the people of Haddonfield, Illinois. They have had to deal with Michael Myers aka the Boogyman for decades. This past Halloween that started in the first film in 2018 it looked like Laurie and her family had finally put an end to Michael Myers by roasting him alive in a basement. But we all know better, there are no happy endings in Haddonfield. Michael Myers has risen from the flames in this year’s installment titled, Halloween Kills.

At the helm of the film is director David Gordon Green. He was also a co-writer for the film along with Danny McBride and Scott Teems. With Halloween Kills picking up right where it’s 2018 predecessor left off, we have the same returning three including Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie, Judy Greer as her daughter Karen, and Andi Matichak as her granddaughter Allyson. Also in the film are returning characters from the 1978 film. This includes Kyle Richards as Lindsey and Nancy Stephens as Marion. The character of Tommy Doyle is also back but has been recast as Anthony Michael Hall.

The Story

With Laurie’s house in a full-on blaze, firefighters respond just in time to aid the escape of one Michael Myers. Who repays them by brutally murdering them one by one. The shot of Michael in the steps of the burning house was really cool. By the end of the scene, we realize that Haddonfield is once again in trouble as Michael will kill anything in his path.

In the events of the first film, Laurie is injured and is confined to the hospital for the majority of this film. So the focus in Halloween Kills shifts over Tommy and some of the other survivors of the original attack. They have formed a support group and get together every year for a drink. When word gets out that Michael is back, they form a mob with the goal of bringing him down for good, “evil dies tonight”. As the mob grows it also catches the attention of Allyson. She is eager to get out and find Michael herself, something that her mom is strictly against.

Halloween Kills
Anthony Michael Hall as Tommy Doyle in Halloween Kills, directed by David Gordon Green.

The mob is convinced that Michael is on her way to the hospital to finish off Laurie. So a massive group descends upon the grounds. Waiting and eager to kill Michael to end the suffering of their town. As the night gets longer, the mob gets more restless. Suddenly, they are seemingly turning just as dangerous as Micheal. They lose rationality and they lose common sense. Evident by their ruthless chase of someone they think is Michael. Who ends up finding Michael in the end? You’ll need to watch Halloween Kills to find out.


Where It Exceeds

One of the things that worked very well in this film is that I feel that this is the most rage I believe I have seen in Michael’s character. There are very subtle things in his movements and kills that make me think that he wasn’t too happy with the fact that they tried to burn him alive. Also, it was nice to see the focus on some of the other characters from the original film for a while. What kind of trauma did these people endure because of the attacks of the Boogyman? Fans of the franchise get to see more of these characters’ stories which is a treat.

Halloween Kills
Michael Myers (aka The Shape) in Halloween Kills, directed by David Gordon Green.

Where It Falls Short

That on the other hand can also be considered a negative for this film. Although they do feature a few flashback scenes, you are almost required to have seen the original Halloween and the 2018 remake to understand Halloween Kills. I am sure that they are banking on the fact that the ones mostly going to see this are fans of the franchise. Another issue is that the film had quite a number of characters who had their own stories and arcs that in a way cluttered the film. It turned into a much bigger story than just an evil creature that was stalking his victims. Less is usually more and I feel that is the case here in Halloween Kills. Last but certainly not least the film tries to explain and tweak the motivations of one Michael Myers that is a bit confusing to the point where it made me question his character.

(from left) Marion (Nancy Stephens) and Michael Myers (aka The Shape) in Halloween Kills, directed by David Gordon Green.


Overall, Halloween Kills is really entertaining. It delivers on a variety of brutal kills throughout the film. Although I will admit it’s not that scary. As I mentioned above it was nice to see the town of Haddonfield expanded a little with more elaboration on what happened to the other kids in the first film. It was also fun to see Laurie, Karen, and Allyson all three doing their part to survive the night. Fans of the franchise will have a good time. I’m excited to see what they have in store for us for the final chapter!

Overall Grade: B

Universal Pictures’ Halloween Kills will begin haunting theaters this Friday, October 15th. Also, it will be made available on Peacock on the same day.

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