– by Nick Doll

A Star Wars Story.” The invention of Disney and Lucasfilm after the house of mouse purchased the keys to a galaxy far, far away. Right?

While not yet named “A Star Wars Story,” a new article on Entertainment Weekly confirms that writer Lawrence Kasdan (Empire Strikes Back, Raiders of the Lost Ark) was hired to pen a”Han Solo-centric movie” even before Lucasfilm was sold to Disney in 2012. That project was put on hold for Kasdan to write The Force Awakens, but, here we are in 2018 with Solo: A Star Wars Story on the horizon, written by Lawrence Kasdan and his son Jon.

Lawrence recalls the first talks to revive the project post Force Awakens:

“When I was done, I was sort of burned out. And I said, ‘I don’t know, do we still want to do this Han thing?’ And they said, ‘Yeah! We really want you to go ahead with Han.’ And I said, ‘Well, my son, Jon, is very enthusiastic and full of ideas about the saga.’ And he had directed two movies and had done other things. ‘What if he came on and worked with me? Because, that would give me a shot in the arm.’ And so, that’s exactly what happened. They made a deal with Jon, and he and I have been writing since for three years.”

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It is not entirely surprising Lucasfilm and George Lucas had been examining projects to bring back everyone’s favorite smuggler even prior to Disney’s current plans, involving trilogy films intermixed with standalone entries like Rogue One and Solo. Up until now though, I had not heard stories of Lucas planning anything but trilogies and his long talked about live-action TV series that seemingly died when Disney bought Lucasfilm.

Are you surprised a Solo film was already in the works before the latest trilogy was even planned? Do you think it was different at all, perhaps a standalone film featuring Ford back as Han prior to his inclusion in Force Awakens? Let us know in the comment section below!

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SOURCE: Entertainment Weekly