Star Wars: Disney Looking At Other Developers For Video Game Franchise

It's no secret that the latest Star Wars game from EA, Star Wars: Battlefront II has had some controversy. Hell, even the first Star Wars: Battlefront game was a disappointing experience for everybody. But in

Batman Ninja Anime Gets English Dub Trailer, Release Date Batman is a character whose appeal spans across many countries. The character's box office viability overseas is enough to prove that. Hell, the character's even been turned into an anime with the underwhelming Gotham

Black Panther Has Bigger Budget Than Recent Marvel Movies

I think it goes without saying that Black Panther has a sizable budget. Ever since The Avengers blew the lid off Hollywood (and after Ike Perlmutter was launched from Marvel Studios), they've been able to

Captain Marvel & Chaos Walking Screenwriters To Tackle Marvel Flick Silver & Black

Okay, Sony. You had my curiosity, but now you have my attention. When it was first announced that Sony would be making a Venom film, it annoyed me to no end. On the heels of

Black Panther: Marvel Studios Head Kevin Feige On The Importance Of Representation

It's been said a million times over, but Black Panther marks a huge milestone in Hollywood. Not only is it the biggest movie to be led by a non-white superhero, but it hopefully marks the

Screenwriter Suing FOX Claiming They Stole His Story With Kingsman

Another day, another screenwriter claiming to have their idea stolen by a major studio. In this case we are talking about a screenwriter, R. Spencer Balentine, suing Fox claiming that Kingsman: The Secret Service is

Ready Player One’s New Drew Struzan-inspired Poster

Steven Spielberg's Ready Player One draws heavily upon 80s nostalgia, so it's fitting that its movie poster should evoke legendary 80s artist Drew Struzan. Struzan's posters were a fixture in Hollywood films of the 80s

Lobo & Hollywood: The Challenge Of Bringing The Main Man To The Big Screen

Warner Bros. has many films, 15 at last count, in development for the DC Extended Universe. However, the movie that has been picking up a lot of steam this month is Michael Bay’s Lobo. The

Aquaman: Will We Be Getting A Teaser Soon?

Get on your tin foil hats, because it's time to speculate when we can expect the first trailer for DC's next feature, Aquaman. Studios like Disney and Warner Bros. may deal with accidental info leaks

RUMOR: Sony Is Second-Guessing Tarantino’s Manson Movie

Late last year, filmmaker Quentin Tarantino had studios in the palm of his hand. If you'll recall, on the heels of the Harvey Weinstein accusations, Tarantino opted to peddle his wares elsewhere, and this incited