– by Joseph Jammer Medina

The current untitled Han Solo film director Ron Howard — per usual — took to Twitter to share a new photo with Star Wars fans.

In the photo, you can see him with Westworld star Thandie Newton, who is back to apparently shoots some “key new #UntitledHanSolo scenes” for the production. This confirms that not only is Howard on board to reshoot scenes that previous directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller shot, but it sounds like they also added some scenes as well.

One has to wonder what kind of scenes this will entail. From what we knew, Lord and Miller had a tendency to go off-script, and the desire to bring in Howard seemed to stem from Lucasfilm wanting the helmer to stay true to the Lawrence Kasdan-written script. Perhaps the need to reshoot some scenes made other weaknesses in the script apparent. Also, we can’t overlook the fact that they are currently IN the reshoot phase, so at some point, they were bound to need new material.

The untitled Han Solo project is a film that continues to mystify us. A couple years back, comedy directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller signed on to helm the project, and last June, they were fired by Lucasfilm, and shortly thereafter, Howard was brought on board.

Since production has resumed, Howard has made a habit of sharing the progress on social media, likely with the hope that fans will stay confident with them moving forward.

Is it good news that they’re shooting new scenes for the film? Let us know your thoughts down below!

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SOURCE: Ron Howard

  • CoolHandJuke

    Han reshot first, and i thought i had issues with premature ejaculation…

  • Yerko Vidal Cvitanic

    What new scene could that be? We already know that Han owns Jamba money, beef with Greedo, smuggling thru the Empire, won the Millennium from Lando and made the kassel run in 12 parsec. All to be ended on tatooine.

    • Weresmurf

      And there people, is more or less the entire plot!

      Maybe a scene with Boba?

      • Yerko Vidal Cvitanic

        Oh don’t sugar coat it, u know Boba is gonna be in it. How otherwise they gonna springboard he’s solo movie. *ha, used the word Solo – good omen.

        • Weresmurf

          SURELY Disney would never…ever…do that….

          *extreme sarcasm*

          • Kindofabigdeal

            What if they give Boba a badass scene like they did Vader in Rogue One. Maybe he comes across Han at some point, points his gun and him and says “freeze”.

          • Yerko Vidal Cvitanic

            U know therer will be a lot of disintegrations with Bobba…. And a pissoff Darth Vader.

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