– by Nick Doll

Even if you don’t know the name Paul Dini, you know the man’s work. I guarantee it. Dini wrote for a number of animated series, including contributing to multiple episodes of Star Wars: Ewoks. None of his work is more prolific though, than his work as a writer, producer, and editor on Batman: The Animates Series, and later Batman Beyond. Dini has worked on numerous animated superhero shows since. He has written for comics and the Batman: Arkham video games, and even returned to Star Wars once again, writing three episodes of Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

Most excitingly, Dini created Harley Quinn with Bruce Timm, a character who did not originate in the comics. Her first appearance was in the episode of Batman: The Animated Series titled ‘Joker’s Favor,’ and after that she continued to exist in the animated world and was written into her first comic, The Batman Adventures: Mad Love by Dini and Timm.

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So, with his work on both Star Wars and Batman projects, does Dini see a clear parallel between his creation, Harley Quinn, and a particular Star Wars character? Dini was interviewed by USA Today for his work on the short story ‘Added Muscle’ that will be included in a new 40th-anniversary anthology book Star Wars: From A Certain Point of View, which contains forty stories about different characters from forty authors. Dini discussed the similarities he sees between Quinn and the character his short story is focused on, Boba Fett:

“They were both later additions to ongoing pop culture mythologies, yet they each wound up fitting seamlessly into their respective universes. They were also wild cards, not heroes, but maybe not entirely villains either. It’s a lot of fun to identify with a character who lives by their own rules.”

There you have it. A creator of Harley Quinn identifying her Star Wars counterpart as the great Bounty Hunter Boba Fett. Or, at least, rumored to be great, as we never see him do much of anything except be defeated by a blind Han Solo. They may both be wild cards with a dark side, but Harley Quinn sure is more productive in her film appearance than Boba Fett is in his!

Do you agree with Paul Dini? Is Harley Quinn the Boba Fett of the Batman universe? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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  • Moby85

    I think that’s a…Stretch. The characters share virtually nothing in common. Boba Fett was first introduced as a side bit in the infamous Christmas Special. Quinn was put into the actual show. Weird combination.

    • Kindofabigdeal

      He’s just name dropping to try and get Star Wars fans to see his stupid Harley joker movie. (I’ll probably see it regardless)

  • Kronx

    I’ll say this about Attack of the Clones, since no one asked. Seeing Boba watch his dad die, made Boba’s death in RotJ a much different experience.

    Poor kid, never had a chance in life. Engineered by aliens? Did he even have a mom? He grew up with kids that looked just like he did but aged twice as fast.

    The Jedi killed his dad and then the Republic became the Empire. His genetic duplicates led the way and helped murder the Trade Federation which was trying to stop them. Every time a stormtrooper committed an atrocity, he had to think, “That’s me.”

    Is there any wonder he became a mercenary? I’m starting to think he was the only one with any sense.

    • Kindofabigdeal

      Boba apologist.
      I never thought about what Boba’s life was like before Attack. I know he ages normally, but I didn’t think he grew up with the clones until he was old enough to go with his dad. I guess I never really pictured Jango travelling the galaxy with an infant searching for bounties.

  • Dakkar

    I can actually kind of see where he’s coming from, especially if you know the creative history behind Boba Fett. In the earliest drafts of what would later become Star Wars, Vader was a bounty hunter, but that aspect of his character went away with successive revisions. Later, when it came time that Lucas needed a bounty hunter, he peeled off those discarded elements from Vader and created Fett. So when you look at Boba Fett, in a way, you’re looking at a cracked mirror reflection of Darth Vader . . . much the same way Harley Quinn can be seen as a cracked mirror reflection of the Joker.