– by Emmanuel Gomez

One side sees it as protecting the brand, while the other just sees them as corporate snobs taking out the fun out of events thrown by passionate fans. The Associated Press is reporting that Warner Bros. is cracking down on local Harry Potter festivals around the country.

For example, in Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia their Harry Potter festival included everything from a meet and greet with Dumbledore, Harry to Defense Against the Dark Arts classes and even a coinciding Quidditch tournament. But Philip Dawson, Chesnut Hill’s business director, said that Warner Bros. reached out their group with strict guidelines that prohibits their festival from using any names, places or objects from the series.

This is a big deal for their community as last years festival drew about 45,000 fans. Now because of the cease and desist letter, they are forced to change their Harry Potter festival to a generic celebration of magic. Will it still get the same traction as previous years? They will have to wait and see.

These letters from Warner Bros. are making their way all over the country, from Philadelphia, Illinois and New York to name a few. For Warner Bros. it’s all about protecting the trademark. The company released this statement:
“Warner Bros. is always pleased to learn of the enthusiasm of Harry Potter fans, but we are concerned, and do object, when fan gatherings become a vehicle for unauthorized commercial activity.”

Most of these organizers believe that they are helping grow the brand. But Warner Bros. is not looking to have any apparent association with them, especially if they are not profiting of their use of the series. While some of these events will continue under a generic magic theme, some will be shut down completely.

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Source: Associated Press