– by Emmanuel Gomez
Looks like we will get a lot more of Ralph Dibny’s antics in in Season 5 of CW’s The Flash. According to a report from CBR Dibny aka the Enlongated Man, played by Hartley Sawyer has been promoted to a Season 5 regular.

Dibny first appeared Season 4 of The Flash as a disgraced cop that became a private investigator. Through the careful plans of The Thinker, Dibny was one of the passengers on the bus when Barry Allen was able to escape the Speed Force in the season premiere. The wormhole that he used to escape released dark matter all over the bus giving it’s passengers metahuman abilities. Dibny as we know developed the power to stretch his body which gave him the name Elongated Man.

We had the opportunity to see his character grow into a hero. Unfortunately for him as he was getting comfortable with Team Flash, he became a victim to The Thinker. Using his technology The Thinker was able to take over Dibny’s body. But with the help of The Flash and the rest of the team, Dibny was able to overpower The Thinker and regain control of his body, leading to The Thinker’s fall.

I thought he was a great character in Season 4 and I look forward to seeing him more going forward. What are your thoughts on Hartley’s Sawyer’s character being bumped to a series regular for Season 5? Let us know in the comment section below!

CW’s The Flash airs on Tuesday nights on The CW. Currently the series is working on Season 5 of the show.


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Source: CBR