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The Cloverfield franchise has been an interesting beast. It would have been easy for them to go the traditional sequelization route, but with 10 Cloverfield Lane, it became clear that each movie would essentially be its own standalone that somehow connects to the main universe. So, instead of a straight line of continuity, we’re given a bit of a tapestry that shows off different aspects of the world, and the incident that was introduced in the first Cloverfield movie.

This means that the titling convention isn’t so straightforward either, and while Cloverfield 3 has been referred to as God Particle, based on the previous film, it was clear that that name wouldn’t stick. But with the film already set to hit later this year, what could the title be?

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One Reddit user stumbled upon some interesting info online. This user found a Chinese lighting artist on LinkedIn, and in that artist’s profile, he has it labeled that he has the film labeled as Cloverfield Station.

Here’s the photo they showed off.

Sadly, because we’re not connected with this artist on LinkedIn, there’s no way for us to verify if this is true. As such, it’s important to take this all with a grain of salt. However, we have to say, based on the premise (which involves a space station) and previous title conventions, it’s pretty much the perfect title.

What do you think of Cloverfield Station as a title? Let us know your thoughts down below!

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SOURCE: Reddit

  • Kronx

    They’ve already released the title and synopsis.

    “Cloverfield of Dreams” is about a farmer who hears voices in his head compelling him to make crop circles in his cornfield. Instead of aliens though, he accidentally starts a music festival which ruins his entire crop and the local economy. And THEN aliens show up, at the very end, for two minutes.

    • Kindofabigdeal

      Can Bradley Cooper play the farmer? He reminds me of a modern day Costner.

    • If you build it THEY will come!

  • Duck O’Death

    So this is basically a TwilightZone-like brand with a bunch of stories that are exciting & fantastical but share no relation other than the Cloverfield name – which is a brand that delivers the type of stories described above. Is this correct?

    • TheOct8pus

      I think you’re more or less correct. However, Cloverfield and 1 Cloverfield Lane – despite being very different in style and tone – both dealt with otherworldly alien monsters, so it’s safe to assume that the 3rd will have that monster element.

  • Rez

    The title is ok but I really like how each movie is it’s own story. This is what John Carpenter wanted to do with the Halloween franchise originally and Halloween 3 was a great start but we all know what happened after that. I’m definitely checking this out!

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