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It’s currently on of the funniest shows on HBO.

Vice Principals season one is currently available on Blu-ray, DVD and digital download today.

The show’s premise is about two competing vice principals of a high school, who are vying for the top job as principal. Then the school district hired an outsider for the top job—leading the two vice principals to develop crazy plans to rid of her from the school.

The nine episodes are some of the most creative laugh-out-loud comedy you’ll ever experience.

The show stars Danny McBride, Walton Goggins, Kimberly Hebert Gregory and Georgia King.

LRM had an exclusive phone interview late last month with Georgia King to talk about the first season of the show Vice Principals. She discussed the evolution of her character on the show and working with a hilarious cast.

HBO’s Vice Principals season one is currently available on Blu-ray, DVD and digital download today.

Read the full transcript interview below.

LRM: Let’s quickly talk about your show “Vice Principals.” I watched the first season and I thought you are the most normal person for the first half of the season. It’s not quite so much after all. [Chuckles]

Georgia King: I know, right?

LRM: Talk a little more about your character, Amanda Snodgrass. Why is she so likable and not quite…..usual?

Georgia King: [Laughs] I love the wording of that question. [Laughs] The exciting [thing] about the script that I got sent to me was that it was all nine episodes, back-to-back, of the entire season at once. It sounded like this straight-man in this comedy mayhem.

As I read on, I was like, “Oh, wait! This is so smart.” They are introducing all these characters one-by-one. You’ll see they have tons of different aspects to their characters. What might be the most put together character at first, slowly is revealed that she is as complicated as the next person. I love that. Because it’s human and it’s real.

She has flaws. She has issues. [Laughs] It is very exciting. I love a character that is multi-faceted. There’s a ton of different traits and aspects on who they are. It’s a character who is dealing with something that is very relatable. It’s not easy, but very well engaging.

I got super-excited when you get to episode six that you’ll understand that she’s…..basically is lost as Gamby is. That was really exciting to work on a character who is, from the beginning, so put off by Danny McBride’s character. She is so unsure on what he’s about. And then trying to figure on how these two end up together and why.

They actually have a ton in common. She is as lonely as he is. She had this idea on where she would be in life at this point. She sees herself as this awesome teacher in this awesome school.

The reality is that it’s difficult and it’s complicated. She has terrible taste in men. She is dumped very easily by Hayden. She’s lost. She’s insecure. She has needs. She is so negative as she is positive. At the heart of her, she wants to see the best in people.

She is the only person who truly sees Neal Gamby for who he is. She sees the good in him and believes in him. It may be a cliché, but she has the ability to bring out the best in him. That is the awesome-like magnetic draw betweent the two of them.

LRM: Your character seem to have a very low profile during the first half of the season. Was that all on purpose by the showrunners? Did they push the accelerator on your character since episode six?

Georgia King: It’s so exciting about this project is that all the scripts had already written before the production started. It’s pretty rare. It’s like a long, long, long movie. What’s exciting about that is that we can see the story as a whole. You will understand that you will get from A to Z through nine episodes. You’ll really be understanding on why and how as an actor.

As for the audience, I think it’s very smart to create the journey for each character in the way they did, because you can’t introduce too much details of each character in the initial episodes. You will need to focus on the specifics.

At first, you will need to understand on who Lee Russell, Neil Gamby and Linda Brown are. Once you start understanding their surroundings, their environment and who they are—then you can start bringing in the other characters.

I think it was pre-planned and very specific. The writers on this show are so insanely smart. They worked out the plot and the navigation for all the characters way in advance. So, yes, it’s all set in stone. [Laughs] Before we even started.

They were writing season two as we were shooting season one. It’s exciting. They are getting inspired by what the characters are doing and what was happening in season one. Not to mention on what the actors bringing on the set, et cetera.

LRM: So remind me—is episode six the motocross episode?

Georgia King: Yes, sir. Yup!

LRM: Wow! That [episode] definitely brought your character out of her shell.

Georgia King: Totally. She made a bit of a stumble in episode three as they go on this field trip. She does on what she thinks is best by calling out Neil Gamby. I think I said, “little bitch-ass.” [Laughs] She doesn’t handle that situation at all correctly. It’s nice to see someone who thinks they know how to deal with things and then realize that they’re not as fully equipped as they first thought they were.

She made that mistake in that episode. It weirdly brings them together. You’ll start seeing a friendship possibility in episode three. In episode six, they are both incredibly vulnerable in front of each other. They are fond over something that is so fun and full of escapism with this motocross stuff. It’s like this adventure they go on together by teaching him on how to ride.

She is in this very raw state in that episode. He is kind and encouraging. He expresses interest in the book in the next episode. That’s a huge thing for her. That’s her biggest passion and her drive. She’s unsure of her abilities and in her writing. He gives her validation. He gives her hope. It’s fun to figure out on what Gamby does for Snodgrass.

LRM: Just curious. Were you into motocross?

Georgia King: I Googled, “What is motocross?” when I read the script. [Laughs] As an actor, I have no idea. [Laughs] I’m from the U.K. I’m British. I was not privy to motocross when I was a kid. I got to learned this for the role. It was awesome. So fun.

LRM: Did they let you ride once? Or you didn’t dare to?

Georgia King: Oh, yeah! I had a few lessons. I did bizarrely well. I loved it! It was so great. Jodi [Hill] initially wanted me to do a bunch of the riding, so it wouldn’t look fake. Then they realized that I could easily kill Danny. So, [Laughs] they didn’t let me. [Laughs]

LRM: Talk about Danny McBride as your romantic counterpart. Usually, when I think of romantic leads, Danny McBride isn’t really on the top of my list. [Chuckles]

Georgia King: [Laughs] This is so dumb to admit…..I was so overwhelmed and excited to be joining the team. I remembered mid-filming of season one, then the penny dropped to realize, “Wait. I’m the love interest. That is so cool.”

I was so excited to get the gig in the first place. I was such a huge fan of Danny, David Gordon Green and Jody Hill. And Walton Goggins, my God. I was just so initially excited to be a part of this awesome group. Working with Danny in that love interest department was great. He’s wonderful. He’s generous. He’s thoughtful and smart. He’s very welcoming to people bringing ideas.

It’s a great place to be an actor…..to feel safe and comfortable. Even with the improvising. You can’t ask for a better love interest than Danny McBride. [Laughs] It was rad. It was really, really special.

LRM: Tell me about the atmosphere on the set. Was there a ton of improv? Ton of laughing? Lots of fun? And perhaps, even pranks?

Georgia King: Oh, my gosh. It was one of the best years, not just of my life, but with everyone involved. I think we were all just having a blast. We lived on an island near Charleston, South Carolina called Sullivan’s Island. I like to run with my dog on the beach in the morning. Then we get to work with these intelligent, kind and funny people every day. It was amazing.

The scripts themselves were incredibly well written. They are the best scripts I’ve read in terms of half hour comedies. I thought they were so detailed, funny, smart and quick. If we had done no improvisation the show will still be amazing, because of the writing.

They were really opened for us to be trying something out too. It was exciting. It kept everyone on their feet. There was a ton of laughing. It was definitely a challenge to keep a straight face as a recipient of a lot of stuff [chuckles] from Danny.

LRM: You mentioned that you’re British. You’ve done a great job dropping your accent for American. You could’ve fooled me.

Georgia King: Thank you. This is my first interview I’ve done in American. It’s for a new job I’m doing right now.

LRM: That actually fooled me.

George King: [Bursts into loud laughter] It’s amazing.

LRM: Tell me about the American school systems since being on this show.

Georgie King: Oh, man. I went to interview a teacher. We have different terminologies, vernaculars and it’s like a whole different system. I had a slightly unusual school experience. I went to a school, which only gone co-ed for the year I went. There were eighty boys in my year and seven girls. It was very overwhelming [Laughs] when I was a nerdy eleven-year-old.

You know what I found the most different and most interesting—it wasn’t a cultural thing. It was more of a time thing. I am so amazed on how technologically advanced school is now. Kids are now using iPads. They are getting text reminders about tests and they can check things online. I had a book and a pen. I had to writing everything. It was that that I found most unusual and different.

LRM: One more question for our wrap up here. Obviously, you’ve already filmed season two. What do we expect for Amanda Snodgrass and the rest of the team?

Georgia King: Oh, man. I hate spoilers. I will say that you ain’t seen nothing yet. It’s gonna be a wild and amazing second season. I’m so excited about people seeing it. Do expect for unexpected twists and turns. And more pretty rad stuff.

LRM: It’s been a pleasure speaking with you. Keep up with that American accent. You’re doing a great job.

Georgia King: [Laughs] Thank you so much! Have a wonderful day!

HBO’s Vice Principals season one is currently available on Blu-ray, DVD and digital download today.

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