– by Joseph Jammer Medina

More than a decade ago, actor Heath Ledger took on the role of the Joker for Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins sequel, The Dark Knight. At the time, there were few who actually had faith that he could pull it off. Jack Nicholson had portrayed the Clown Prince of Crime in 1989’s Batman, and since then, it was thought that no one would be able to touch that performance.

Of course, Ledger’s portrayal of the Joker went on to gain critical and fan acclaim, and it even managed to snag a posthumous Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor the following year. Ledger’s Joker was grounded, terrifying, and absolutely insane. Whereas Nicholson really leveraged the gangster aspect of the character, Ledger went more for the lone wolf psychopath approach, and our inability to understand where he was coming from only made him all the more terrifying.

Ledger’s untimely passing after the completion of The Dark Knight only went on to add to the mystique of the character. Was this character so dark that it was responsible for his death? Audiences have wondered that for years, and have been hungry to hear about the process Ledger went through behind the scenes to bring this character to life. In the decade or so since the film’s release, there have been plenty of rumors and facts that have come out about his creation of the Joker, but nothing super extensive.

Spike TV went on to make the documentary I Am Heath Ledger, and now they’re starting to release some clips online. This latest one from Joblo is a solid nine minutes pulled from the documentary, and it’s every bit as engaging as one would hope. In the clip, we get to see the beginnings of Ledger’s process, how he settled on the makeup, as well as the response from his peers. If you’re like us and have been wanting to know more about the role ever since the film came out, it’s an essential watch.

What do you think of the clip? Did you have a chance to check out the full doc? Let us know down below!

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