– by Seth McDonald

For fans of FOX’s hit show, Gotham, the upcoming season will bring with it an opportunity four years in the making, seeing a younger Batman in action. After three full seasons of watching Bruce Wayne slowly gain the drive to become the Batman, the Season 3 finale showed us the first citizen to be saved by the Caped Crusader, and probably the earliest version of the batsuit we have seen on screen.

FOX has released a couple of new promo banners for the upcoming fourth season. The first shows Jim Gordon and Bruce Wayne, both with extremely determined looks on their faces. Bruce Wayne is wearing a cape that is partially made up of fleeing bats, which is a really cool foreshadowing for the new season. The second one shows Bruce Wayne, or at this point, Batman, wearing a full cowl on his head. Unlike the one seen at the end of Season 3, this cowl appears to be made of a much more protective substance than the ski mask cowl from the finale. You can see them below.

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Both banners are captioned with the phrase “A Dark Knight,” which implies to me that the season will have a (hopefully) heavy focus on Bruce Wayne’s transition to iconic superhero. Fans have waited long enough and we need to see Batman get his feet wet, and see him struggle with his new identity a bit.

Gotham is one of the few network shows that I watch. When the show was in development, I wasn’t sure how a Batmanless show would work, but I have since been shown the light. While it receives a fair amount of criticism, I think the showrunners have created a really cool universe for DC fans to enjoy.

What do you think of these new banners? Are you ready for Bruce Wayne to become The Batman in Gotham? Let us know in the comments down below!

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