– by Seth McDonald

*Spoilers for Justice League follow below*

Whether you love it, hate it, or have mixed feelings about it, Justice League is here. The very harsh RottenTomatoes has the film sitting at a 37 percent on the Tomatometer, while the much more forgiving IMDb rating is a very respectable 7.5/10 (though to be fair, anyone can throw in an IMDB score).

Superman, as even people who haven’t seen the movie most likely know, makes his triumphant return in Justice League, after having sacrificed himself in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. The actor who plays Superman, Henry Cavill, recently spoke with the Los Angeles Times about what the future may bring for the character and that he is still under contract for one more film:

“There’s a wonderful opportunity to tell the Superman story. Now there is a fantastic chance to show Superman in his full colors and tell a very complex, character-driven movie that is based on story and have that wonderful sensation of hope and happiness. A feel-good movie with lessons laced in there as well.”

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I think Cavill is a really good actor and with slight changes to the character could be the definitive Superman for a generation, if he hasn’t become that already. I enjoyed Man of Steel as well as Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, and would very much like to see Cavill return as Superman at least one more time. I think he absolutely looks the part, and I have liked his portrayal thus far.

Would like to see Henry Cavill continue to play Superman? Let us know in the comments down below!

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Source: Los Angeles Times

  • AndyInCleveland

    Sadly, the best and WORST parts of Justice League revolve around Henry Cavill.

    Best? Finally getting Superman, and finally getting to see Henry Cavill play a more classic interpretation of the roll not the moody, emo character that we’ve seen thus far.

    Worst? The god awful CGI that they used to erase his mustache which effectively turned large parts of his performance into cut scenes from the next Gods Among Us video game.

  • Victor Roa

    Yikes one? Okay, Cavil seems to have a better career at the moment than Brandon Routh but like announcing this is really stupid even Affleck is playing coy about his in or out. Even Chris Evans also is coy about if he will do another Cap, but you know what, by the time he comes back from Infinity War part 2 they may CG his body and have him sitting in his home on skype. There’s a point where, you want to pretend “you’re part of the team” when you announce things like this but this is rats on a sinking ship and even if anyone who defends Cavil as their “superman” this is really spitting on them. You know, I’m getting more of an Eric Bana vibe from Cavil, even Bana had like 3 or 4 upcoming films with amazing directors but then after Ethan Hawk character actor to pay the bills.

  • Aaron James

    It’s really hard to tell if Henry Cavill is a good Superman or not, given what he’s had to work with so far.

    I’m in favour of rebooting the whole thing, which would probably mean letting Cavill go – simply because it’d be cheaper to sign on a new star than renegotiate a contract for further sequels with Cavill. Of course, I don’t think WB is quite at “reboot everything (except Wonder Woman)” yet.

  • Daniel

    Well theres still man of steel 2, justice league 2 and hopefully 3, and man of steel 3

  • arkhamknight1999

    i want a man of steel trilogy with 2 and 3. henrys better than brandon roth and i know he’s trying to be the best superman he can. i met him when they were filming bvs in detroit and he’s a awesome guy to meet.