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His Dark Materials Star Talks Darker Season 2 And His Hopes For A 3rd Season, Leaving This Fan Anxious

It’s really hard to gauge just how successful His Dark Materials Season 1 was. The show certainly started well, but the story starts slowly, so the audience figures did drop. We already knew Season 2 was a go and filming is still underway on that second season. With that in mind, we should see Season 2 drop around the same time as last year i.e. eight weeks before Christmas.

I loved it, but then, the books on which this show are based are some of my favorite of all-time. My favorite book is the second one, titled The Subtle Knife. Season 2 will be an adaptation of that book and we should be seeing more of the secondary lead. Will Parry, played by Amir Wilson in the show, was given a secondary plotline Season 1, but we still only saw glimpses of him. His character arc though was a highlight for me, and things really kick off for him in the second book, leaving me excited for what’s to come.

Wilson caught up with Radio Times recently and spoke a little about Season 2. He also talked about everyone’s hopes for a Season 3. The showrunners want a Season 3 and 4 to be greenlit in order to adapt the final and largest book of the trilogy The Amber Spyglass. So far though, that greenlight has not been given, and it makes me anxious.

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Wilson initially spoke about his character, and how making an appearance at all in Season 1 was a big secret. Will doesn’t appear whatsoever in the first book of the series, which is called either Northern Lights or The Golden Compass, depending on where you live.

“They wanted to have a bit of Will’s backstory that you didn’t get as much of in the book. So they decided to put that into season one. It was quite hard, because obviously I’d talk about the show, and say that I was involved in it, but no-one knew that I was involved with season one, so it was quite hard to keep it a secret. So when it came out it was a big relief.”

And on Season 2?

“It’s bigger, better, darker. A lot darker. Three words to describe it? I’d say adventure, bravery…and knives.”

The knives, or Knife that Wilson’s referring to is the one mentioned in the title of the book — the Subtle Knife. In my opinion, it’s one of the coolest MacGuffin’s ever created. As for Wilson’s favourite scene to film?

“The knife fight. That’s my favourite part. We had a lot of stunt training for the fight, yeah.”

To be honest, there are moments I’m far more hyped for than that knife fight he describes. However, training will be useful, if the show does get a Season 3 and 4, then his character will have more fighting to do with that knife. Though, perhaps not in the ways non-book readers might imagine.

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As for Season 3 of His Dark Materials, I’ll guess both BBC and HBO are waiting to see how Season 2 is received before committing. I also think that sucks, but I don’t write the checks. No one involved in the show seems to know if it will happen or not, certainly not Wilson, as he told the outlet.

“I don’t know. I mean I hope there is a series three, there’s always talk, but I don’t know.”

And I am back to me being anxious about that. I loved Season 1 Of His Dark Materials, as I said above. The TV show was not the perfect adaptation, though the episodes averaged an A grade from me, with some variation either side. I really hope Season 2 is just as good. I’ll, however, be raging if we get that far only to have it cut away, meaning we don’t get an ending. I, as a fan, have been through this once before with the movie version. That movie (The Golden Compass) definitely had issues, but I still wanted to see more. I don’t think I could handle it if the same happens again with the show.

Therefore, do this fan a solid, if you have BBC or HBO, will you give it a watch? The more people that see it the more likely they are to complete the story. I promise if the quality remains this good, it will be a story worth ending. Let us know what you think of His Dark Materials, and what Amir Wilson had to say. You know where, below or Discord, the choice is yours.

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SOURCE: Radio Times

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