– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Adrian Askarieh, producer of Hitman: Agent 47 and the upcoming Jonny Quest film is teaming up with F.J. DeSanto (The SpiritDoc Savage) to develop adapt and produce adaptations from comics created by writer and graphic designer Tim Daniel.

The slate Askarieh and Desanto will be adapting have yet to come out, but will be released under the Vault Comics indie banner in 2017. The publisher itself was only founded this year, but it prides itself on being bold, new, and creator-owned.

Here is a description of Vault Comics from their official website:

“Creating science fiction and fantasy is, essentially, about imagining and experiencing the new, the bizarre, the unimagined. In the realm of science fiction and fantasy, creators can break the established order, dissolve conceptions of social identity, and give voices to the silenced. They can ask hard questions, and if they are brave, venture bold answers.”

Here are a list of titles and descriptions from Daniel that will be released by Vault in 2017:

The Atoll, centering on an Olympic athlete who is kidnapped and finds herself off the coast of Australia in an arena where contestants are forced to combat a 21-foot Great White shark:”


Fissure, which tells of a young couple living in a Tex-Mex bordertown who must contend with a mysterious force that is living in an ever growing chasm, which is slowly devouring their town:”

Spiritus, set in world where criminals have their consciousness transferred into labor machines. An MMA fighter convicted for killing her husband finds herself a pawn of a ruthless prison syndicate leader who is building an army of free machines in order to create a brutal revolution:”

Morning Star, which focuses on a mother mourning the loss of her forest firefighter husband. When she takes her two kids to the remote park where he died in a bid to heal her fractured family, she is thrust into an other-worldly adventure.”

Askarieh had the following to say about Daniel’s books that are set to be adapted.

“Tim’s slate of Vault books have been conceived to extend well beyond the pages of the comic books themselves and provide us with a very potent opportunity to generate exciting, and topical, dramatic material for television shows and feature films.”

As we all know, comic book movies are the big thing nowadays, but from the looks of these books from Vault and Daniel, these ones hardly fall under the superhero category, and as such, look to be bunch of cool, creative pieces from which interesting stories can be pulled.

What do you think of the of the look and premises of these comics? Do any of them stand out to you as particularly intriguing? Those film lovers who are constantly in search of different, more creatively satisfying titles may find a lot to like here.

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