– by Campbell Clark

Finally Black Panther gets the Honest Trailers treatment as you can see above.

Black Panther has been a box office behemoth, especially domestically in the United States where it did initially achieve status as the most successful super hero film in US history. That is, until its big brother Avengers: Infinity War supplanted it.

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I guess Black Panther for me was not quite as good as its box office and critical praise would suggest. I also didn’t think Eric Killmonger was that great a villain, whilst others rate him as the finest Marvel has written yet. I stand by my opinion of course, but it’s not as if I didn’t like the movie, I just didn’t think it was the genre defining masterpiece I have heard others claim it to be.

Honest Trailers will find always find a way to make fun of any movie. Saying that, as Honest Trailers go, it’s rather mild. It even references the fine acting in this movie and uses that as a counter point to have a dig at the rest of the MCU. They do take a few swipes at the finale, which was admittedly for me the weakest part of the movie.

These Honest Trailers have almost become part of the geek culture in recent years, with fans eager to see the next installment.

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