– by Seth McDonald

The all-important RottenTomatoes score is here for Solo: A Star Wars Story. The Han Solo origin film came in at 73%, just under what is needed to be “Certified Fresh”, for which the criteria is at least 80 reviews of 75 percent or more. It is still possible for the film to become certified, and in my opinion, it is like to happen once the film is released across the country. The film fought hard to still hit its scheduled release date after one of the more troubled productions in recent memory and the film is shaping up to be a success for Disney and Lucasfilm.

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While RottenTomatoes has become the standard by which movies are measured, personally, I have always found their scores a bit harsh for my tastes. I still look at the scores of films on the site, but don’t dismiss a movie simply because of its RottenTomatoes score. On the other hand, the IMDb rating system seems to be more in line with my tastes, perhaps they’re a bit too forgiving at times, but once enough times has elapsed and the dust has settled, I tend to agree with their scores more often.

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