– by Anthony Esteves

Over on YouTube, the horror crew Midnight Video has released their latest horror short film titled Mikus. Currently sporting over 10,000 views, the film has made it to BuzzFeed‘s “13 Horror Shorts That’ll Creep You Out In 10 Minutes Or Less” list. If you haven’t seen it yet, click the link above and view it for yourself.

Clocking in at just under four minutes, the film starts with a young gentleman looking through a box that seems to contains objects from his childhood. Eventually, our lead pulls out a large drawing of a blue, bug-eyed figure that he named Mikus. Aside from missing its right hand, Mikus is in pretty good shape, so our protagonist decides to hang him up on the wall with some tape. After doing so, he proceeds to empty out the contents of the box. While doing so, Mikus’ head unsticks from the wall. Our character notices, pulls out piece of a tape (which can be a struggle with some tape dispensers as we all know) and re-attaches him to the wall.

However, this continues to happen. At random points, Mikus unsticks himself. Later on, while our protagonist is looking under the bed, Mikus collapses to the ground, almost as if it meant to fall on the other side of the bed to look at our main character. Eventually, before placing Mikus back on the wall, the protagonist finds his missing hand. Before reattaching the head to the wall, he tapes the right hand to the forearm. Then, while holding Mikus’ head against the wall, our main character struggles with the tape dispenser. Once he successfully rips off the tape, he turns back to the wall, only to find that Mikus has transformed into a living being, who then bites down on our main character’s hand as the screen goes to black.

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Mikus does a fantastic job of building suspense throughout the film. It isn’t a bloody, in-your-face slasher. It is a slow build. Those moments of fumbling with the tape make the viewer believe something is about to happen, yet fakes you out a few times to lower your defenses. The film also finds a way to turn what should be a harmless cartoon drawing into an imposing, evil figure that is just buying its time until it becomes whole again and unleashes its terror. The entire time, you know something is going to happen and the suspense is well-paced just enough to reveal the big scare in its final seconds.

Mikus is available for viewing on YouTube under the Midnight Video channel. Let us know what you think of the film!

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Source: YouTube.