– by Joseph Jammer Medina


Do not read ahead if you don’t want to know the fate of one of the most seminal characters in Batman’s mythos in Dawn of Justice





Okay, if you’re still here it’s because you’re a straight up junkie and you need to take a hit off the Spoiler Pipe because you need your fix, and waiting until March 25, 2016 just isn’t an option.

Throughout all of the casting announcements for Zack Snyder’s Justice League prequel, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, people have noticed one glaring omission. We’ve heard about many iconic roles being filled, or rumored to appear in the film, but one name has never come up:

Gotham’s Police Commissioner James Gordon.

Where is he? Why would a character famously played by the great Gary Oldman, and that also has its own TV series based around him, be absent from this massive film? Our pal Devin Faraci at Bad Ass Digest says he has the answer:

The commish is dead!

While the script doesn’t address what did him in, and it’s possible that future solo Batman films could shed some light on all of that, Faraci is reporting that the character is no longer living by the time the events of this movie take place.

I tend to trust Faraci since every scoop of his I’ve reported has eventually been confirmed. The last one was when he exclusively revealed that William Shatner was in talks to appear in Star Trek 3

What do you make of this? Are you cool, mad, or indifferent? Are you in the “Future Batman Films Will Take Place In The Past And Tell Younger Bat Tales” camp, or the “We’re Only Seeing Old, Grizzled Batfleck For The Foreseeable Future” camp? Discuss.

SOURCE: BadAss Digest

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