– by Campbell Clark

I think these days I get as excited for a new ‘How it should have ended’ from HISHE as I do the actual movies. So feast your eyes on the Avengers: Infinity War version.

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Instead of the ending we actually got, HISHE gives us five possible endings for the movie, four of which are actually fairly plausible alternate endings for the movie. The final one however is a beauty.

I was particularly impressed with the fallout of Thor snapping his fingers and watching various classic movie villains turn to dust, The Emperor from Star Wars, the alien from…Alien, and of course Heath Ledgers Joker from The Dark Knight.

I suppose it has become a badge of honor for a movie to be given the HISHE treatment these days, whereas it began more as a comedic criticism of a movies finale. Personally I prefer how Infinity War actually ended, as now we get to speculate and debate what is going to go down in Avengers 4 next May.

We don’t know which movie will be the next one in the HISHE firing line, but we will be sharing the best examples when we find them.

Let us know what you thought of ‘How Avengers: Infinity War Should Have Ended’ in the usual place down below. I’d also like to hear your favourite examples of the series so far.

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