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This past week all the buzz has been about how great Paramount’s A Quiet Place was and how well it did in theaters. It did so well, in fact, there has now also been talk about a possible sequel. Without a doubt, John Krasinski has shown that he is a lot more than the beloved The Office character Jim both in front and behind the camera. In a recent interview with Empire Online on a Spoiler Special edition of the Empire Podcast, we got a little insight on a film that influenced some of his choices for the film.

As he spoke about the family’s survival tactics he said that, “I loved the idea of your second and third chance – meaning, if you did make a sound, you go into a whole other level of survival which is, ‘Now that I’ve made a sound, if I run I’m dead, if I stay still I may be dead’. The idea of the Jurassic Park kitchen scene – if you make a sound, you have to stay still and hope that they don’t get to you – that was always in my mind.”

Check out the scene from Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park below!

One moment you are well hidden and safe, but one sound can change all that. Causing you to have to make sudden decisions that can either save you or get you killed. So he is right when he says that one sound could take a scene so many different directions. You can see that in the raptor scene above. The classic Spielberg film turns 25 years old in June this year and as we can see by Krasinski’s comments still has a place in audiences heart.

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Paramount’s A Quiet Place is in Theaters now.


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Source: Empire