– by Nick Doll

Let’s be honest, Black Panther has one of the best costumes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. His suit was already sleek, stylish, and nearly invincible — being weaved with Vibranium an all — when the character made his first big-screen appearance in Captain America: Civil War.

But, as with nearly every new MCU movie comes a meaner, leaner, cooler supersuit!

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LRM’s own Nancy Tapia recently sat down costume designer Ruth Carter, who managed to make T’Challa’s suit even better for his solo movie, Black Panther. Carter told Tapia about the suit’s design, and what it owes to Man of Steel:

“Yeah, well the new suit had to have a more forward technology to it, and it was supposed to look a little bit simpler from the Civil War suit. Civil War‘s Panther suit was a great suit. It was designed by Ryan Meinerding at Marvel. He’s the genius behind Captain America and the superhero world. He’s the one who knows the comic world, and he leads that department in its development. So he comes up with the suit, and then what I do is I go, ‘How do I make this sketch come to life? What elements of this sketch make it dynamic?’ One of the elements of the sketch is that it had luminosity to it. It had sort of like a silvery kind of aspect to it, a little bit like the Man of Steel.

So I went and looked at a lot of superhero suits, and the Man of Steel actually had muscle suit underneath the top skin suit that you could see. You could see the steel. So I thought the Panther needs to be … We need to be able to see the vibranium. And I felt like that’s what will give him that luminosity that I see in Ryan Meinerding’s sketch. So we made his muscle suit silver. We made the top skin a little sheer so that the silver bled through and you could see that he had this strength and power.”

See, Zack Snyder’s movies can lead to great things… over at Marvel Studios.

How would you rank Black Panther’s suit in comparison with the other great super-suits of the MCU? Do you like/notice the new design? Let us know in the comment section below!

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