– by Seth McDonald

Another day, another explanation from Rian Johnson. Ever since Star Wars: The Last Jedi was released, the director has given many an explanation for the choices he made in the film. The most recent one deals with the absence of any sort of tribute to everyone’s favorite smuggler, Han Solo. During a Q&A session after an IMAX screening of The Last Jedi, Johnson explained why there wasn’t a wake for Han.

“[There was no debate of showing Han Solo’s funeral], just because pacing-wise it didn’t have a place. It’s tough in Star Wars because I always think about the mourning that Luke gives to Ben’s death, which is all of four-and-a-half seconds before, ‘Come on kid we’re not out of this yet’ and then boom, you’re into ‘Yay, woo-hoo! Don’t get cocky!’ There’s the moment for it, but it’s not long. We don’t have time for our sorrows, commanders. That’s kind of the thing of Star Wars; you don’t really linger on grief because you’re moving forward.”

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Granted, Obi-Wan Kenobi wasn’t given a funeral either, but he had yet to gain the iconicity at the time of his death, that Han Solo had attained, he also showed up as a Force ghost in the following films. Kenobi’s passing was also far more heroic than the tragic end of Han Solo.

It seems a disservice not to give the guy at least a couple of minutes, I for one wouldn’t have minded if Johnson shortened the Canto Bight sequence to make room for a tribute to Han. Captain Solo is one of the more iconic characters in Star Wars and cinema in general, and I think he deserved better.

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Source: Collider