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So how ‘bout that dust? Upon leaving the theater the first time I saw Avengers: Infinity War, it was clear just how iconic those last few minutes of the film would be. Seeing everyone’s favorite superheroes turn into dust isn’t really something you get thrown in front of you every day. But even I didn’t realize how much of an online presence it would have, even in the days directly following the movie’s release. If you didn’t want to get spoiled, you’d have to have seen the movie quickly.

So, of course, whenever something becomes so iconic, it becomes harder to believe over time that it was once supposed to look a little different. Film is a malleable medium, after all, and rarely are things set in stone until right before it hits theaters — and in many cases, even long after. But this moment, like many others, underwent many changes, as the film’s VFX supervisor Dan Deleeuw revealed to Screen Rant:

“[It] made sense that all six stones are combined now, [so] what stones would… how would combining the stones make that happen? So does the Soul Stone go in and disintegrate their soul? And does the Power Stone disintegrate the body? And the Space Stone what actually moves the ash? And so early tests were combining all those different pieces and although it was kind of beautiful in a way, it just became too much, right? It became… if there was too much of a Soul Stone effect it looked like they were on fire when they were disintegrating, and the idea was like just back off and keep it simple.”

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Sounds like a lot of work went into figuring out the best way to represent this massive genocide. When all said and done, as cool as the original way sounded, the silent disintegration was probably the best way to go. In all honesty, I had originally thought that, if this moment did come to the big screen, it would have been instantaneous, without any real fanfare — but that’s why I’m not a damn film director.

What do you think of the evolution of this moment? Did they end up at the best place? Let us know your thoughts down below!

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SOURCE: ScreenRant

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