– by Seth McDonald

Comic conventions are a place for like-minded fans to interact with each other, and sometimes even provide a celebrity meeting. Cosplayer myerkatt attended Walker Stalker Con and experienced just that, as she was able to recreate an iconic cover of The Walking Dead comic with none other than Negan, who is played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Myerkatt did an excellent job recreating the walker on the cover, and getting Jeffrey Dean Morgan to play along must have been an absolute thrill for her.

The original cover showed villain Negan romantically taking a walker in his arms and for some strange reason, he looks like he is going to kiss the zombie. The photo was posted to myerkatt’s Instagram account, and you can check it out below.

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Though I’ve never read the comic books, I do from time to time read about prominent events that happened in the comics, or changes that were made form the comics to the show. In my opinion, the show has noticeably declined over the last two seasons. Jeffrey Dean Morgan is great as Negan, but it has become more of a chore to watch the show than a joy. I will, of course, continue to watch the show as I have eight years invested.

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Source: myerkatt