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The path towards a utopia is often difficult and it may turn into a nightmare.

In the powerful emotional documentary THE HOUSE ON COCO ROAD, it follows filmmaker Damani Baker’s mother, Fannie Haughton, in her role as a part of American and Grenada history. Her life starts off in the middle of racial violence and President Reagan’s war on drugs in California. In an effort to seek better life, she moved with her children to seek a utopian socialistic society. But as they live there, Grenada entered into chaos and the U.S. military evacuation ended that socialistic dream.

The documentary made its world premiere at the Los Angeles Film Festival earlier this month. It has plenty of archival footage and including interviews from well-known historical activist Angela Davis.

Me’shell Ndegeocello composed the film’s score and Danny Glover is one of the producers.

Latino-Review sat down with director Damani Baker and Fannie Haughton during the film festival. We discussed about seeking utopia, Grenada, the horrors of a coup and President Ronald Reagan.

Watch the interview below.