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Netflix’s Marvel shows (Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist) have been notable for their dark and moody street-level takes on the Marvel universe (they are technically in the MCU, but it’s a pretty loose affiliation). Maintaining the gritty, quasi-realistic tone in each series meant jettisoning some of the flashier, more colorful aspects from the source material… of course, I’m talking about the costumes.

Daredevil resisted showing off the hero’s traditional red suit until the final episode of Season 1 (and I think most would agree that first version was no bueno). This choice affected the storytelling, as we saw how Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox) earned the costume and learned why the subplot was crucial to the main story (more on that in a moment). Shortly into Season 2 Marvel reconfigured DD’s suit, and the result was spot-on authentic to the comics, while still respecting the integrity of the TV show. Fans were ecstatic with the results!

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Iron Fist debuted earlier this year, a character who’s also known for a distinctive costume. Unfortunately, the classic green and yellow uniform was only seen in a short video sequence of a former Iron Fist from WWII era. Danny Rand’s (Finn Jones) monk robes did convey the proper color scheme, but that’s as close as he ever came to wearing the uniform. However, with the recent announcement of Iron Fist Season 2, fan speculation regarding Rand’s costume has re-intensified — many are also wondering if it would appear in the upcoming The Defenders mini-series.

MCU Exchange reports that there’s some possible thawing regarding Iron Fist’s comic book appearance. During the press tour for The Defenders, Cox related a scene wherein Rand meets Daredevil’s armorer, Melvin Potter (Matt Gerald), which sounds like a cool, universe-building moment:

“You know in the show, I would say to Finn ‘I’ll take you to Melvin Potter’ and he’d be like, ‘No, I don’t wanna go man.’ And then I’ll go, ‘Come on man, I’ll take you Melvin and get a suit.’ And he goes, ‘I’m good.'”

I’m guessing that the scene plays out a little differently than Cox describes, but the significance of the encounter is important. Potter, who in the comics is a mentally-unstable character called The Gladiator whose allegiance sometimes changes sides, has not yet seen a similar subplot in the Netflix show… but seeds were planted in both Seasons of Daredevil.

Jones added his thoughts to the discussion, but unlike his chatty co-star, he doesn’t give anything away:

“I’d love the suit. I’m all for Danny getting the suit. The time has to be right. Danny has to earn the right to wear a suit. I actually want the mask with the wispy ribbons in the back.”

Soooo, we’ll take that as a qualified maybe. Marvel is being particularly coy with this topic, and it’s anyone’s guess why. It’s very clear that fans want to see the costume, Jones wants to wear the costume, and Daredevil has established that an authentic comic book costume actually works well within this noir-ish end of the MCU. So what’s the hold up? If anyone hears something before we do, please shoot us an email! We’re not done with this subject by a long shot!

Do you think Danny Rand needs to wear a proper Iron Fist costume or do you think it’s unnecessary? Let us know in the comments down below!

The Defenders hits Netflix on August 18, 2017.

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SOURCE: MCU Exchange

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