– by Joseph Jammer Medina



After years of blank denials, simple “No”s, and dismissive remarks like, “That bus has left,” Keanu Reeves may now be open to returning for another Speed film. In a chat with Nerdist, the actor reacts rather playfully to the idea of returning to the role of Jack Traven. It marks a tonal shift from the actor’s previous “Not happening” stance. You may even recall that the actor famously opted out of the sequel, Speed: Cruise Control, leaving poor Sandra Bullock to sink on a mediocre ship with Jason Patric.

This time around, when the subject is brought up the actor, who is out promoting his new action film John Wick, has some fun with it:

“Oh my god, Speed 3: Redemption. Sure. Jack Traven kind of like, dusting it off.”

This, of course, could all be a big joke to Reeves and we’re all just getting excited over nothing, but it would be undoubtedly cool to see Reeves return for another go as Traven. That’s assuming a movie is written that is worthy of a new film. The first one was tense, fun, and got a lot out of the mileage of the chemistry between Reeves and Bullock. In the hands of the right writers, a sequel that brings them back together 20 years later could be something special. And with John Wick Reeves is showing audiences that he can still anchor an action film/

SOURCE: Nerdist

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