– by Campbell Clark

We recently shared the fact that Mark Hamill had shaved off his beard, and then prompted a discussion on what this could mean for Star Wars: Episode 9. You can check the article out below in the related section, but the crux was that either Hamill simply didn’t need a beard for Episode 9 or more worryingly, that he was not in Episode 9.

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I guess most fans felt there was just no way JJ Abrams would be daft enough to not have Luke appear as a Force ghost. But now Hamill has been on Twitter and, well,  have a look for yourself below.

Now Hamill, could just be kidding around I suppose, he is known for his crazy sense of humor. However, I really don’t think that’s it. I think they’ve actually decided not to bring back Luke as a Force ghost in Episode 9. I cannot stress enough how bad a decision this is if true. I mean seriously!

Is he being punished for being as critical of the movie as some of the fans have been? Or does JJ Abrams just really not like the idea of having Luke Skywalker appear in one of his movies? You can decide that for yourself, IF this turns out to be confirmed at some point.

It also does not feel to me like a Hamill joke on the fans, where suddenly they announce he will return at SDCC this week. I hope I’m wrong, and if I am I think a lot of people got played. Right now I’m thinking that JJ Abrams was absolutely the wrong person for Star Wars (Which I actually said pre-TFA) and he’s made another bad choice.

Sound off below, am I overreacting or are you as dumbfounded as me by this potential omission from Star Wars: Episode 9?

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SOURCE: Mark Hamill (via Twitter)