– by Brendan Hughes

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Since debuting in 2015, the One Punch Man anime has quickly risen up the ranks, all the way to level 7, in the anime world becoming a fan favorite. However, fans are growing impatient waiting for the second season of the show as it has already been three years since the debut and there is no word on season 2. While there is still the manga which is published monthly, anime-only fans of the show are left in the dark.

Yonkou Productions‏, a noted news source for anime and manga, informs us that season 2 is coming January 2020–more than a year away! 

On the bright side, the first episode of the season might be premiering a year early at a One Punch Man festival taking place on August 12th. The delay of 5 years comes as MadHouse animation studio declined to pick up the second season of the show. J.C.Staff wound up with the rights to the second season and is focusing all attention on the show making sure it lives up to the quality of the first season.

J.C.Staff also has the habit of wanting to wrap production before delivery of the show. The first episode is likely being aired this early due to the long hiatus already and to keep it in the minds of One Punch Man‘s fans.

Let us know your thoughts. Do you think we’ll actually see the return of Saitama this week?

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