Author: Brendan Hughes

Brendan Hughes

Disney Canceled Ducktales 3 Reasons Why

As many know by now the Disney canceled DuckTales with the series ending after the run of its third season. This came as a surprise due to the news being broken by production members rather

God of High School Episodes 6 and 7 Review

The God of High School Episode 6 and 7 review. Episodes 6 and 7 of The God of High School moved the plot along and demonstrated how crazy this series can get. The opening of

The God Of High School Episode 4 Review And Roundtable Discussion

Hello, everyone! The God of High School Episode 4 is a game-changer. If you are not caught up, I would start now. In this week’s review, we are changing up the format a little bit,

The God of High School – Episode 1 Review & Round Table Discussion

Hello, everyone! Crunchyroll’s original anime series The God of High School officially debuted this past Monday with its first episode. While there is not much to discuss from the first episode, Steve and I will

Animation News Roundup: Studio Ghibli First CG Film First Look And Weta Animation Studio Launches

Studio Ghibli has a new CG film and Weta is turning to animation! Earwig and the Witch First Look Studio Ghibli is turning to CG 3D for its next film Earwig and the Witch. This

New Dan Harmon Show Heading To Fox

A new show from the Rick and Morty creator Dan Harmon.  Changes are coming to Animation Domination on FOX. Since the Disney acquisition of FOX’s entertainment branch, the network has been going through changes. These changes

Defund Paw Patrol? Will These K-9s get K-6ed?

Unless you are living under a rock you know the current state of racial unrest in America. Popular shows featuring police are being canceled and postponed to ease the tension of the country. This can

The Promised Neverland Live-Action Series In Development For Amazon

The Promised Neverland is a dark shōnen manga, by Kaiu Shirai, revolving around children being used as cattle for demons. The manga is ending soon, having run in Weekly Shōnen Jump since December 2016. However,

We Bare Bears: The Movie Non-Spoiler Review

We Bare Bears concluded last year after a four-season run. Those who have followed the series know the charming quality the show has. Following three bears just trying to find a way in the world

It’s National D’ohnut Day! Here Are The Top Simpsons Doughnut Moments

Simpsons and doughnuts go hand-in-hand. Here are our favorite moments. Doughnuts are a breakfast tradition that has been around for more than 200 years. In cartoons, doughnuts are synonymous with another long-lasting staple, The Simpsons.