– by Campbell Clark

I think by now we are in a safe zone for spoiler warnings for Avengers: Infinity War, it won’t be long now till it’s out on Blu-ray, but just in case, I will be spoiling that movie here? Still with me? Good.

After Nick Fury turned to dust along with a good many other stars at the end of Avengers: Infinity War, we wondered when we would see him again. Of course, we know that Samuel L Jackson will be playing a younger version of Nick Fury in the 90’s set Captain Marvel, but what about in the current timeline? Now speculation is running high that Nick Fury will make an appearance in Spider-Man: Far From Home thanks to an Instagram post by Jackson himself.

For a start, Jackson is currently in the UK, and the slideshows show the facial hair associated with the older version of Fury. He also does more than hints that he is here to play Nick Fury. What Marvel movie has just started filming in the UK? Spider-Man: Far From Home of course. If we put all these clues together, we can solve the mysteries of no less than the entire Universe. Or, we can speculate that Nick Fury will show up in place of Iron Man in the mentor role of the Spidey sequel.

We know from Kevin Feige that they intend to have an established MCU star appear in Far From Home, feel free to catch up in the related section below. So this makes a hell of a lot of sense, as it doesn’t feel like Captain Marvel reshoots would be happening so soon.

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Other important clues to note are that the card specifically mentions SHIELD (it’s blink and you’ll miss it folks), is it possible Fury is back leading the secret organization again after whatever goes down in Avengers 4? Fury has played a mentor role for Spider-Man in the Marvel kids animated shows for years now, could he be set to replicate this on film?

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SOURCE: Samuel L Jackson (via Instagram)