– by Anthony Esteves

It’s the elephant in the DC room. The blatant question that has been rattling around the minds of all eager fans. One that has yet to receive a satisfying answer or at least an appropriate hint.

It has been five years now since the release of Man Of Steel, and some behind-the-scenes players have explained that early on, a sequel was never scheduled and that Kal-El would simply continue on in different stories throughout multiple future DC films. Still, fans have still been clamoring and asking for a Superman- specific sequel. One that focuses primarily on Earth’s Kryptonian protector and his own solo adventures. Now, it seems the star himself may have some information on the potential Man Of Steel sequel.

During an interview with Erik Davis, Henry Cavill ended up revealing the perceived release date for the next solo Superman film.

“I can say this… it is likely we w ill see another Superman movie somewhere between 2019 and 2045.”

It’s easy to see here that Cavill is having a go at the interviewer. Later on, Cavill was asked whether he would still be playing Superman in said sequel, to which Cavill, according to the interviewer, “shrugged his shoulders and raised his eyebrows, as if to say ‘who knows??'”

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Cavill could be playing this story in a few different ways. There could be an exact filming date scheduled and he’s keeping his mouth shut. There may not be any plans for a sequel set and Cavill is answering honestly. Or perhaps he is scheduled as one of those cameos in Black Adam that Dwayne Johnson mentioned recently. Until a definite answer is given by Cavill, DC or Warner Bros., the speculation and clamoring will continue on throughout the DCEU fandom.

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