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UPDATE: IMAX has reached out to us and stated that there is no validity to this report.


Earlier this week, we reported on a supposed description for the upcoming Avengers 4 trailer. This was a write-up that came from Reddit and was reported by Express UK. Should the trailer turn out exactly as indicated in the write-up, it would be quite the amazing trailer indeed, but we can’t count the number of times we’ve been burned in the past, so it’s sometimes better to believe nothing.

Personally, I felt the description was a load of bull. The film isn’t set to come out for another seven months, and even before that, we have Captain Marvel on its way. Why would Marvel undercut their first lead female superhero? While this is by no means a confirmation of an impending trailer, this next bit of news is interesting. Random Twitter user ImAFilmEditor recently shared a very cryptic tweet.

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So what does this mean? We obviously know what “Teaser” and “IMAX” mean, but what about “DMR”? Interestingly enough, it stands for digital remastering, meaning the teaser is supposedly getting digitally remastered for IMAX. With that in mind, a release in the next month or so doesn’t seem unreasonable, and it’s possible (though I still think improbable) that the description was legit, as the timing lines up.

Again, that’s assuming this is even real…which we don’t know yet. Either way, this is yet another independent potential sign of the trailer hitting soon, so perhaps it’s best to be on the lookout.

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SOURCE: ImAFilmEditor

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