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This could be much ado about nothing.


It could J.J. Abrams doing that thing where he nonchalantly reveals something from Episode VII while talking about something else. He has, after all, used this approach a couple of times all ready.

Abrams took to twitter to send out a note about Apple’s new Watch. But what he had to say about that new piece of hardware pales in comparison to what’s being reflected onto the table in the background of the message.

That pattern on the table is eerily similar to the pattern on the walls of the Death Star- the massive space station that the Empire used in Episode IV, and then attempted to rebuild in Episode VI. Does this mean we’re going to see some form of the Death Star in Star Wars: Episode VII? Could it be for a flashback sequence? Or maybe he just had some concept art for the original Death Star up while working on the designs for something altogether new?

Regardless, Abrams knows how to stoke the fires of the geek community, and people are talking about the possibilities now.

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SOURCE: The Hollywood Reporter