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While reaction to BATMAN v SUPERMAN was decidedly mixed, the film was full of Easter eggs and allusions to the comic book canon and mythos that a lot of fans appreciated. Not the least of these allusions was when Bruce Wayne looked upon a vandalized Robin suit in his Batcave before heading to Lex Luthor’s gala event. The obvious implication with the suit is that one of the Robins was murdered in the past, and Bruce keepsthe suit in his cave as some sort of twisted memento of his fallen comrade.

But one of the big questions from some fans is, “Which Robin is it?”

If you don’t wish to be spoiled, look away now (though who knows if this will ever be revealed in a film, so look away at your own peril of never finding out). And yes, I understand this isn’t really a spoiler, but I’d rather be safe than sorry.







In the comic books, Jason Todd is beaten with a crowbar by the Joker, and then the building he’s in is blown up. This is nothing new, and this was the obvious hint that the Robin suit in BvS did indeed belong to Jason Todd, but without an official confirmation, many were hesitant to call it out. After all, the source material is an ever-malleable entity that can be changed and shifted to fit the dramatic needs of the adaptation.

However, if a recent post from the official BATMAN v SUPERMAN Instagram account is any indication, it may have finally been confirmed.

The post was thrown up on Instagram yesterday, on April 27. This, of course, means nothing to most of us, but some eagle-eyed fan on Reddit made quite the connection. In the DEATH IN THE FAMILY comic, Jason Todd’s death certificate is for April 27, 1985.

Is this the official confirmation from DC and WB that Jason Todd was the one to eat it in the DCEU? Well, it’s probably the closest we’ll get in the foreseeable future!

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SOURCE: Vizgauss (via ComicBook.com)