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Andy Muschetti is a director in demand! Next Friday, his next film, the highly anticipated adaptation of Stephen King’s IT, hits theaters. After that, Muschetti has Robotech and IT Part 2 on his docket.

Though the film has not been marketed this way, IT was always developed to be two parts, as King’s original novel deals first with the protagonists as children and later with them as adults. Likely, WB was waiting to gauge the success of this year’s IT before moving forward with the sequel, but due to early positive critical reactions, high audience anticipation, and great box office projections, it looks like IT is going to be a record-breaking hit for September. So, now that IT Part 2 is officially in the works, what comes first, that film of Robotech?

Muschetti told Bad Taste that he will not do Robotech until the second part of IT is complete. Here’s his quote, but keep in mind it is a rough translation from Italian, courtesy of Screen Rant:

Bad Taste: So will you run Robotech before the IT sequel?

A. Muschietti: No, IT 2 is my priority. I would run Robotech, in case later.

Bad Taste: And do you have higher budget for this sequel?

A. Muschietti: Well … clearly I hope so!”

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This is not to say that IT Part 2 is right around the corner. Previously, Muschetti has stated that the script has yet to be written and likely will not be ready until at least January 2018. So, sorry, Robotech fans, your wait for that film has just been extended.

Are you excited for IT and IT Part 2? Or would you rather have your Robotech? Let us know in the comment section below!

IT floats into theaters on September 8, 2017.

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SOURCE: Bad Taste (via Screen Rant)