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The plot thickens…

Remember two days ago when I covered a story wherein Cary Fukunaga exited his big screen adaptation of Stephen King’s It? At the time, The Wrap was reporting that it was mainly due to a clash with the studio over budgets and locations. But now the site has dug a little deeper and has found out a some more about the situation.

For starters, their source claims that the project is very much alive, and that it will proceed as planned- with the same scripts and two-film concept. While the verdict is still out regarding the where and when for the production to take place, it’s looking more and more like the only issue was Fukunaga himself. The Wrap’s source claims that the film was only bumped down to New Line from Warner Bros, and given a tighter budget, because they were having issues with the True Detective director. 

While the report doesn’t expand on what those deeper issues were, it does heavily imply that the budget moves were really a tactic to get Fukunaga to leave. Something that definitely backs that theory up is that with Fukunaga gone the film may now go back up to Warner Bros, once again raising it’s profile.

I’d love to know what he did to make Warner Bros want to play this game with him that resulted in him walking away. But for now, all we know is that the project is definitely still alive and that the studio is actively on the hunt for a new director.

SOURCE: The Wrap