– by Seth McDonald

Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn took to his Twitter account and broke down in a series of tweets why the nerd community should stop the debate about Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. You can see the tweets below:

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It is hard to argue with Gunn’s points, it is highly unlikely the two sides are going to change each other’s minds. It is also unlikely that Gunn’s sensible words are going to resonate with most fans, the argument will probably continue on for some time. It is what us movie fans do, argue over aspects of the films that they thought were good or bad, but it appears that James Gunn has had enough of this particular conversation and if all else fails, just wants to be excluded from any future talks about the film.

As I have said before I enjoyed Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. I don’t think that it isn’t without its problems, but I certainly didn’t hate the film. Yeah, the fight took too long to get to us, and the pacing wasn’t the greatest, but Snyder, as always, delivered on the visuals and the action, in my opinion.

What is the good and the bad and the ugly in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice? Let us know in the comments down below!

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Source: James Gunn