– by Joseph Jammer Medina

It’s almost Christmas, and with that, what better day is there to release an image for a prehistoric shark flick? Don’t worry, Empire has your back, and in their exclusive first look, we get our first look at what to expect from the upcoming action flick, Meg.


Oh yeah. That’s the stuff.

Those five people who loved Deep Blue Sea will be able to eat their hearts out, and the rest of us will appreciate just how much better that shark looks than any of the sharks in Deep Blue Sea.

The outlet also had a chance to speak with star Jason Statham, where he shared a bit about his actual role in the film.

“I play a former navy captain and diver. and I get hired to rescue a team of scientists who are trapped at the bottom of the sea in their research station by a giant shark. Then all hell breaks loose.”

I think it goes without saying that any pitch that ends with “all hell breaks loose” is probably worth your time. Given Statham’s background in ridiculous action flicks, Meg looks to be right up his alley. With its mix of the ridiculous and overly-serious, this could be a good time in the theaters.

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SOURCE: Empire

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