– by Nick Doll

Jay and Silent Bob will be on The Flash this season! Well, Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith will guest star, and their character descriptions do sound delightfully similar to cinema’s greatest pair of stoners.

In his podcast Fatman on Batman, Smith revealed both he and Mewes will be playing security guards in the Smith directed episode, Null and Annoyed.

No need to fret, Flash fans, as you will not actually be seeing the characters Jay and Silent Bob. But, Smith says Mewes has all the dialogue while he remains silent.

There is no confirmation whether or not Mewes is playing the same character he played in Season 2 of the The Flash, though knowing Smith, it actually seems unlikely.

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Smith has, of course, been involved with The Flash since Season 2, as a director, though he has yet to appear in an episode. Since then, he has directed multiple episodes of the show as well as Supergirl, though Smith has admitted on a past Fatman on Batman that DC won’t let him anywhere near Arrow.

Aren’t you glad you are reading this article and not one about the world still mourning the death of Smith? Give that doctor a raise!

How do you feel about Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith sharing the screen together again on The Flash? Do you think the show jumped the shark? Is it a cool nod? Let us know in the comment section below!

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SOURCE: Fatman on Batman (via Screenrant)