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Whenever an actor or writer/director takes on a comic book movie job, it’s pretty much become tradition that that person take to social media to prove to the fans that they’re taking their latest gig seriously. Comic book fans are among some of the most passionate out there, and while there’s something to be said about an actor, writer, or director bringing their own personal influences to a property, fans want to know that there’s a certain amount of respect going into it.

Some time ago, Jeff Goldblum was announced to be taking on the role of the Grandmaster in the upcoming Marvel film Thor: Ragnarok, and while Goldblum has more than enough respect to go around, he recently took to Instagram to show himself off getting into the thick of the Thor mythology with Mighty Thor #374.

The image is accompanied by the subtitle, “I’m nothing if not conscientious.” The photo itself, in true Goldblum fashion, is appropriately god-like in appearance. Check it out below!

The issue in question doesn’t have an appearance of Goldblum’s character, but the actor has stated in a previous interview with Empire that he is soaking up the material like a sponge. As such, we can expect he’s read everything to do with Thor outside of his character. While this photo is very much staged and pandering to fans, one can hope the spirit of the photo makes it across.

Thor: Ragnarok hits theaters on November 3, 2017.

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SOURCE: Jeff Goldblum (via Screen Rant)