Legendary Hires KRAMPUS Scribes For GODZILLA 2, May Set Up Writers Room For Shared Universe

In 2008, Marvel Studios took an unprecedented step in kicking off a shared universe. Back then, this was considered an ambitious and risky move from the studio. Sequels are hard enough for studios to garner

Ghost In The Shell Will Lose The Studios Big Bucks

Things aren’t so hot on the anime/manga adaptation front. Fans of the medium have been hungry to see some their favorite stories hit western shores in the live-action form, and for all intents and purposes,

RIVERDALE: Could Sabrina The Teenage Witch Show Up In This Dark, Weird Drama?

Riverdale is a CW show that I’ve had my eye on since it was first announced. While I’m not the most familiar with the comics on which it is based, I do know one thing:

Jeff Goldblum Shows Off His THOR: RAGNAROK Research Material

Whenever an actor or writer/director takes on a comic book movie job, it's pretty much become tradition that that person take to social media to prove to the fans that they're taking their latest gig