– by Joseph Jammer Medina

While fans may have some harsh criticisms for director Zack Snyder, there’s no denying that the filmmaker has an eye for casting. From Gal Gadot to Ben Affleck and Ezra Miller, he has a tendency to think outside the box in terms of his casting, and more often than not in his films, fans generally have little to complain about in that department.

Another brilliant bit of casting came in Batman v Superman. In those opening credits of the film, we saw a re-enactment of Bruce Wayne’s parents getting killed, and the man playing Thomas Wayne was none other than Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

It was a move that, intentionally or not, helped set things up for things to come. As we know, Flashpoint is a movie that’s in the works, and in that storyline, it’s Thomas Wayne who becomes the Caped Crusader. For months now, fans have been stoked by the fact that we may very well get Morgan as Batman in that film, and while at Walker Stalker Con in New Jersey, Morgan teased an eventual DCEU appearance, saying:

“There’s a role in the DC Universe I’ve got my eye on.”

We know this is something that fans have been discussing for a long time, but still, it’s hard not to get excited at seeing Morgan play yet another broken man on the big screen.

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SOURCE: ComicBook.com

  • Jake Speed

    I think I see a bastich!

    • Danny B

      That’s a great idea Jake. I can just see him with cigar in hand and bloody hook in other. He’ll need to eat some steak and hit the gym though, I want my ‘frackin bastich’ to look like he could kill Superboyscout 😉

      • Jake Speed

        Totally agree!

        He’d fail….but I’d love to see it!

  • Rez

    That opening scene in BvS ruined the movie for me…the last thing I wanted to see was Batman’s parents die again because everyone knows what happened to them. Seriously we needed to see why Bruce became Batman again. It should have started with the Supes and Zod fight….I’m so over Batmans origin

    • Matt Cave

      That wasn’t quite as bad as seeing the bats levitate young Bruce up the well. At that point I knew the movie was doomed.

      • Jose Vicente Lainez

        That was a dream. He said it in the movie.

    • John From Raleigh

      agreed… how many times are they going to re-shoot the exact same scene over and over.

      In addition, I just get more upset as the days go by with the missed opportunity of the DCEU.

      Concerning thinking outside the box, on who? On what? Basically he pulled an actor he had already worked with for a 1-2 day shoot. Nothing radical in that decision. Gal is a spot on look for WW, and Emilller is the only one who is not a match for his comic book counter part.

      • Kindofabigdeal

        Next he’s going to get Billy Crudup to play Solomon Grundy and it will be called “inspired”.

    • SeanDon

      Whoa whoa whoa…Batman’s parent’s die?!?

  • Victor Roa

    and…… it’s green lantern…. wait what?

    • suckit15694

      hal ?

  • Kratos

    negan, who bashes peoples heads in…with a BAT…as BAT-MAN!!! i just shit my pants…

  • Kindofabigdeal

    Why would he want to leave on sinking ship (Walking Dead) for a sinking ocean liner (DCEU)?

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