– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Most people don’t agree on a lot of things these days. in today’s political climate, conservatives and liberals are finding themselves at increasingly distant ends of the spectrum. However, no matter where you find yourself in terms of your political opinions, there’s a good chance that you hated the first two Inhumans trailers.

Personally, I found the first trailer to be completely abysmal, and while the second one was substantially better, it still didn’t look like it was selling anything more than a standard network TV show. Given that ABC is looking to premiere the show in IMAX, the show itself seemed like a bad representation of the format.

While at a TV Critics Association panel, Jeph Loeb was asked whether or not the show turned out as well as he’d hoped. His response was…puzzling:

“I can tell you that it was written on the material that you were given that the show that you have seen is not the finished product. If you’re asking me whether or not it was done, it’s not. So to be perfectly honest, I don’t understand your question.”

It sounds like Loeb was getting more than a little defensive, and instead of answering, he seemed to pick at the core premise of the question. On the other hand, he does seem to be acknowledging that the trailers portray a series in progress. This would be more encouraging, were it not for the fact that some folks already saw the pilot at San Diego Comic-Con, and said it was a less than ideal adaptation.

When this was brought up, Loeb reportedly got a little defensive again, saying:

“I think you’re making an editorial statement, and I’m wondering what the question is.”

We never like to see projects fail, but based on these statements, and on what we’ve seen of the show so far, it certainly seems like this one may be doomed to go the way of many low-level sci-fis series.

What do you think of Loeb’s statements? Do you think we’ll be seeing a vastly improved show when it comes, or is Marvel looking for its highest profile failure in a long time?

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SOURCE: ComicBookMovie

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