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Fan and media reaction to Josh Brolin’s casting as Cable in Deadpool 2 was off-the-charts positive, even if it was a bit unusual that he was already playing Thanos in the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers 4 films. However, the opportunity to play Cable almost passed Brolin by, as he was expected to play legendary country singer George Jones in Taylor Hackford’s George and Tammy biopic. When the Jones project stalled, the role of Cable suddenly presented itself.

During a recent press event for the firefighting film, Only the Brave, Brolin spoke with Collider and shared some details regarding the role and the script for Deadpool 2, and where the Cable role might lead.

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Brolin shared the timing and luck associated with his Cable opportunity:

“We were supposed to do George and Tammy… and it fell through at the last second. Right after it fell through this Deadpool thing came in and they said, ‘are you interested in doing it.’ I was like, God, I wanted to do George and Tammy, and My wife, thank God, said, ‘just read it, why are you even talking about, just like read it.’ Because I was thinking it was this big, 4-picture deal… I read it and I thought it was so irreverent and funny and hysterical, once I got through it I was like, that’s it… and I had no idea the fanbase, I had no idea what it represented, and I think we’ve made something really special.”

Collider pressed Brolin a bit regarding his willingness to play Cable in both Deadpool 2 and the recently announced X-Force movie too:

“We’ll call it our ‘limited series.’ This is our ‘limited series.’ Just going back to really fun writing, it’s a great tone, anything goes. It’s a really fun stretch for me to be involved in that comedic community. It’s fun man.”

Regarding Thanos, Brolin was succinct in expressing his feelings about this role:

“I’ve had a blast playing Thanos — I mean, that’s been one of the finest jobs I’ve ever had.”

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SOURCE: Collider

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