– by Anthony Esteves

EXCLUSIVE: I was eleven years old when I first saw Jurassic Park. I sat there in the theater with my parents and sat through a life-changing experience. Jurassic Park not only made me interested in dinosaurs, but it made me want to be involved in the film industry in one way or another. When I saw the type of magical storytelling that could be told, I wanted in.

One of my favorite aspects of the film, of course, was the Ian Malcolm character. When I read the book shortly after the film, my love for the character grew exponentially. As much as I enjoyed Dr. Grant and Dr. Satler, it was Dr. Malcolm that was the true voice of wisdom in the scientific experiment gone wrong.

It seems Jeff Goldblum feels the same way.

In a recent interview with LRM, Goldblum went into detail about his feelings on Malcolm’s status in the current Jurassic World series:

It was always a voice of conscience of some kind. As we saw how things turned out, I was a wise voice early on. I was a oriented with my specialty with a chaos math, which told me that whatever they think is going to happen with his park–it’s going to be quite unpredictable and proudly may not work out well. I made a few remarks and that in the first couple of movies, which are not too far from where I wound up here. Where you see that I’m fiercely, passionately, anti-greed and anti-profit agenda, anti-militarism and very pro-science. I would deeply wish my life to contribute to a planet that works for everyone, including all the creatures. I’m kind of an interesting talker. I think it’s sort of in line with what we found from the very start with this character.

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Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom hits theaters Friday!

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