– by Seth McDonald

Long before the current Justice League was assembled, there was a film in the making called Justice League: Mortal. The film — which was set to be directed by Mad Max: Fury Road helmer George Miller — never made it to the screen. Actor Armie Hammer had been cast as the Batman of the film, and while speaking on the Happy Sad Confused podcast, the actor spilled some of the details on the type of Batman we would have be treated to, had the film been completed:

“It’s funny, it was pre-Christian Bale, but the Christian Bale Batman had a lot more in common with it than any of the previous ones, whether it be the George Clooney, the Michael Keaton, all those, which were almost campy. This one was a guy who is severely, psychologically, almost deranged. It was dark and it was really intense and this guy had major trust issues, the whole thing. It was a great concept and it was a really cool idea.”

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I wouldn’t call Keaton’s Batman campy, he definitely wasn’t as dark as the Christian Bale version, but I think Tim Burton did what he could to get away from the last on screen iteration of the character, the old Batman TV show (which was full of campyness).

I am intrigued by the Batman described by Hammer, though, I think all versions of Batman are at the least, partially deranged. To risk your life while dressed up as a giant bat, it certainly isn’t the most sane approach to crime fighting. Hammer’s Batman sounds as if he could have been a liability to the team and incredibly volatile, which would have been something unusual for the character, but I think that is something we had better get on board with, especially if DC veers more toward stand alone, one off stories.

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Source: Happy Sad Confused (via ScreenRant)